Phil Crow ABIPP is a photographer based in Lincoln, UK


Shooting portraits is hard, even when your subjects aren’t famous. So what if you have to photograph a celebrity and try to capture their personality in a picture? Usually, you have hardly any time with them so research, preparation and communication is key. This applies to any portrait: Technical knowledge should be second nature so you can concentrate on the person in front of you. More examples of my portraiture can be seen at this link

"As a big fan of photography, I love your work"

Jamie Cullum by Phil Crow
In this portrait of Jamie Cullum, he’d literally just finished a gig and I was backstage waiting to grab some close up shots. There were alot of people about and his PR agent didn’t want me to shoot anything. Jamie came over and asked what I wanted which was a real simple shot of him jumping in front of the lift shaft. “you’ve got 30 secs” snarled his agent… Jamie did two jumps for me and I got 4 frames off… “Thanks Jamie, got what I need”- and he was away.. You absolutely know when you’ve got the shot- it’s instinctive.
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