Phil Crow ABIPP is a photographer based in Lincoln, UK


I am a CAA approved and qualified drone pilot, legally allowed to undertake commercial projects.

Throughout my career, I have undertaken a lot of work from the air- I’ve shot air to air and air to ground. From fast jet and microlights to raised static and remote platforms. A lot of my clients have asked if I can provide drone photography, so this was a natural progression for me. At the end of 2017 I completed my SUA training and I am now a CAA approved SUA/Drone operator, legally allowed to undertake commercial projects.
I also have passed the OFQUAL TQUK level 4 Award for Commercial drone pilots (RQF).
Drone laws are constantly evolving for best safety practices and as of 2022, I have also completed my conversion from PfCO to GVC as required by the CAA.

Drone: Also referred to as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle’ (UAV); ‘Small Unmanned Aircraft’ (SUA); ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft System’ (RPAS); ‘Unmanned Aircraft System’ (UAS)

A lot of SUA operators come to this activity from flying model aircraft. If you are reading this page, you will realise I am flying drones with a photographer’s eye, therefore able to offer clients great composition and offering a variety of well composed video sequences.

Do be aware of SUA operators who are not CAA approved. You will only get full legal compliance from an operator with a CAA Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) or a General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) qualification who will have been correctly trained and passed the relevant exams in this field. You can check any UK commercial operator on the CAA’s register at this link.

A commercial drone operator who has been granted CAA permission (PfCO and/or GVC) will have a comprehensive Operations Manual which will include his/her CAA PfCO/GVC certs, insurances and full details of how he/she operates.  You can ask the operator to show you his or her Ops Manual and permission document and discuss how your project can be achieved within the rules & regs as laid out by the CAA.


Another area of drone photography is mapping/surveying.

Site inspections, mapping and surveys can be created for all sorts of industries including farming, construction, education, archeology, even roof inspections.

The flight can also be precisely repeated at a later date so you have comparison images as well as the possibilities of creating orthomosaics and 3D Maps of your data.

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